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October 21, 2009

** Miyoko Magic ** Jump Poses

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3 years ago I had the luck to see the yamakasis founders in parkour action during a concert. They train and train and train to push their limits in a perfect precision and reach new goals.


Having in mind those perfect flying creatures, I made 5 new jump poses.

Available online on XstreetSL, you can also come try them at the store:

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October 12, 2009

** Miyoko Magic ** Drama Poses

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Drama IRL, drama in SL, drama in plurk, drama in flickr, drama in blogs… Here is a set of 5 unisex poses because yes, drama is not only for girls 😉
Availalbe in set of 5 or as individual poses on XstreetSL and in-world where you can try them:

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