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December 22, 2010

(Miyoko Magic) Look in the sky – Gift Poses

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Around Xmas time many of you are waiting for Santa Clauss coming from the sky. So you stare at the sky to spot each movement and make sure he’s well bringing you your new smart phone…

If you don’t do Xmas, you might as well stare in the sky to look at the stars and find out if there are UFOs up there.
In all cases, these poses are free for you under the Xmas tree at Miyoko Magic Boutique!
Have a wonderful end of year. Miyoko

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May 9, 2010

** Miyoko Magic ** Math Teacher – LB gift

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Get a pen and a paper, this is a surprise math test!
“If you do a one day event with 30 famous designers, knowing that the earth is round and that time is not universal in SL, also knowing that a Sim can hold 50 people max at the time, and knowing that 5000 people will want to go at the same time, question is: why don’t go go to **Miyoko Magic** to get that lucky board gift?” 

Subscriber gift for past members and new lucky board gift ** Miyoko Magic ** Math Teacher pose + book

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February 24, 2010

** Miyoko Magic ** Balance Poses

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One of the 1st thing we learn in dance is balance. And my dance teacher amazed me the day he told me balance comes from your toes and your ears…


To go on with my series based on dance and gymnastics, here are new balance poses.

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