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November 1, 2010

Miyoko Magic – Gown Poses

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We all have those very large gowns in our inventories that are tricky to photograph. So I made 5 poses to place our arms nicely and to pose with grace
Available in pack of 5 poses priority 3 online at the marketplace and inworld in pack of 5 discounted or as individual poses.
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September 19, 2010

(Miyoko Magic) Red Carpet Poses

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For all the red carpet divas who know how to pose in front of the cameras, who want to give their brighest smile to their fans, and want to show their last couture dress and designers jewels here is a new set of 5 poses at Miyoko Magic: Red Carpet Poses.

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June 16, 2010

** Miyoko Magic ** Modeling Jewels Poses

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New set of 5 poses at ** Miyoko Magic ** to present your jewellery. I must credit (or blame) my friend Liz for repeating me around 30 times last week “you know, you should make poses for jewels” or “did I ever tell you must should do poses for jewels?” 🙂 so here they are, available as singles or in pack of 5 discounted.

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June 6, 2010

** Miyoko Magic ** Sofia B poses

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Set of 5 poses available at ** Miyoko Magic ** as single pose or discounted pack inspired by the greatest dancer on earth I had the luck to see several times on stage: Sofia Boutella

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May 9, 2010

** Miyoko Magic ** Math Teacher – LB gift

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Get a pen and a paper, this is a surprise math test!
“If you do a one day event with 30 famous designers, knowing that the earth is round and that time is not universal in SL, also knowing that a Sim can hold 50 people max at the time, and knowing that 5000 people will want to go at the same time, question is: why don’t go go to **Miyoko Magic** to get that lucky board gift?” 

Subscriber gift for past members and new lucky board gift ** Miyoko Magic ** Math Teacher pose + book

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January 19, 2010

Poses for Red Cross Haiti donations

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** Miyoko Magic ** has joined the Second Life natural movement to help people victims of the earthquake in Haiti by donating to the Red Cross.

1) At Miyoko Magic store, you will find a general donation kiosk for the Red Cross + the Harajuku poses pack, sold for the occasion at 150L$. Each linden count so please: Teleport to ** Miyoko Magic **

2) The same Harajuku poses pack is also at Scribble Red Cross skybox with many designers who have decided to help: Teleport to Scribble skybox.

All proceeds for items purchased will be sent to the avatar Redcrossdonations Guardian, owned by OMGWTF Barbeque, who will withdraw the funds sunday 24th January and make a donation on behalf of everyone, details of which will be posted on her Plurk, Flickr and Blog.

Thank you all for helping


December 2, 2009

** Miyoko Magic ** Express yourself Poses

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/me singing loud “Express yourseee-eeelf”
A new set of 5 unisex poses made for those who have something to say and express. Those poses are also a gift during all December for Express Yourself hunt

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October 12, 2009

** Miyoko Magic ** Drama Poses

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Drama IRL, drama in SL, drama in plurk, drama in flickr, drama in blogs… Here is a set of 5 unisex poses because yes, drama is not only for girls 😉
Availalbe in set of 5 or as individual poses on XstreetSL and in-world where you can try them:

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